Electronic Recycling Events April 2024

March 26, 2024 UER Team No Comments

Earth Day falls on Monday, April 22, 2024. As Earth Day approaches, April, also known as Earth Month, presents a great opportunity to declutter your space by responsibly disposing of […]

7 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Work

March 18, 2024 UER Team No Comments

1. Host a Earth Day celebration Encourage employees to get involved in Earth Day celebrations by educating them on various earth-friendly initiatives and programs available in your local community. By […]

How to Recycle Lightbulbs in Texas

February 23, 2024 UER Team No Comments

Did your light bulb recently burn out? Properly disposing of light bulbs can be tricky, as they require special care for safe handling. Finding a convenient recycling drop-off spot may […]

Data Center Decommissioning in Dallas, Tx

December 28, 2023 UER Team No Comments

Solutions for Data Center Decommissioning in Dallas, TX Whether you’re transitioning out of a data center, streamlining operations, or relocating to a new facility, we are here to offer a […]

How to safely dispose of laptop or computer

December 5, 2023 UER Team No Comments

The hard drive of your personal computer is a treasure trove of sensitive information. It houses your financial details such as account numbers and tax returns, as well as personal […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Where to Recycle Your Old Devices

November 15, 2023 UER Team No Comments

With the highly anticipated arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers are getting ready to take advantage of the incredible deals on offer for Christmas gifts. This year, electronics […]