Recycling Equipment

First and foremost, the reason we recycle electronic equipment is to keep these items out of the landfill. Electronics are inherently built with hazardous materials that can leech into our soil and ground water. We want to make sure our children and grand-children don’t have to deal with our mess. Secondly, almost all items that are recycled are either refurbished, re-purposed or are sent back through the manufacturing process to make new items. REUSE, REDUCE, AND RECYCLE. Lastly, many city, county and state governments now have regulations with stiff penalties for dumping your equipment in a dumpster instead of responsibly recycling your equipment.

Any equipment that plugs into an electrical outlet uses batteries or plugs into another piece of equipment.

Yes. We take all kinds of batteries but some specialized batteries do have a disposal fee, please contact us for a quote.

Yes, although we do have disposal fees based on the size of the screen:

31” and less – $10.00 each
32” and larger – $20.00 each
CRT Monitors – $5.00 each

CRT Televisions and CRT Monitors contain lead in the glass screen that must be sent to a specialized recycler to separate and extract the lead from the glass.

Yes we do but, the coolant must be drained from the refrigerator first. Our certification requires us to manage electronic equipment only. We are not equipped to handle hazardous materials such as the coolant.

No. These items are considered hazardous materials. Please contact your city government office.

Yes. Please contact us for a quote. UER tries to offer “cost free” pick-up of your equipment but we have to make sure you have enough equipment to cover our transportation and overhead costs.

For residential customers, the only disposal fees we have are for CRT Televisions and CRT monitors. For commercial clients, we have additional fees for bulk amounts of batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and ballasts – please call us for a quote.

When the equipment arrives at our dock it is tagged and placed in the processing line. When the equipment is processed, depending on age of the equipment and other factors, we will make a determination if an item can be refurbished and placed back into the marketplace or if it will simply be recycled down to the commodity level.


Absolutely! Please contact our office to speak with an Account Manager about your needs.

Whether we do the marketing for you or you wish to take care of the marketing yourself, we want to start marketing 60 days prior to the event. We have found that a short, quickly thrown together event is not very successful.

The cost(s) can differ depending on the size of an event you are wanting to promote. Please call us for an appointment to discuss a possible event.

Various Questions

Usually, the first thing we ask for is a list of the items so we can determine if we will offer a “no cost” pick-up. The list also helps us determine when and where we can fit you into our schedule for a pick-up. It is important to make sure you give us an accurate count of the items you have.

We also ask that you be patient with us, rarely can we pick-up your equipment on the same business day you make the request. Due to the pick-up schedule, we may be 3-5 business days away from on open slot.

Try to make sure all equipment is consolidated in one room. If we have to make multiple stops to pick-up all the equipment, our overhead cost increases and forces us to look at the possibility of a pick-up fee.

If you have access to a dock, make sure we are cleared to use the dock to remove your equipment (ie- advised security, the facilities manager, or property Management Company).

Make sure you are available the day we are scheduled to pick up your equipment. If not, make sure you have a secondary person who can handle the situation when we arrive. Try to provide the driver with assistance when removing the equipment – this gets him out of your office quicker and to his next pick-up sooner.

No. We are a “for-profit” organization so we are unable to provide a tax receipt.

Yes. Typically we will process your equipment and email a COD to you 30-45 days upon processing.

Yes. We can transport and shred your hard drives in a manner that adheres to the HIPAA standards and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Please call us for a quote.

Yes. Our shredder is portable so we are able to shred your hard drives at your location as long as we have a dedicated electrical line to power the shredder. We are also able to wipe up to 24 units at a time at your location. Please call for a quote.