About Us

About Us

Who is United Electronic Recycling LLC (UER)?

A top-rated electronic recycling and paper shredding company headquartered locally in Coppell, Texas is an established, environmentally responsible recycler of electronic material that specializes in Electronic Recycling, Data Security, IT Asset Management, and Paper Shredding. United Electronic Recycling serves many municipalities throughout Texas and Oklahoma, and has substantial experience in providing excellent service to everyone from government organizations and corporations to individual consumers.

At United Electronic Recycling, we adhere to the highest industry standards when it comes to processing and recycling millions of pounds of electronics annually. We understand the detrimental impact electronics have on our environment, which is why we prioritize the proper disposal and recycling of every device we receive. Through these efforts, we ensure the recovery of valuable resources and the safe handling of hazardous materials, thus contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

United Electronic Recycling

Provides turnkey solutions for your business’ end of life IT assets

Recycling Items

We accept all computer related equipment, printers, audio & video equipment, consumer electronics, cell phones, and TVs.

Recycling Services

Provides recycling services including resale and end-of-life processing.

Collection Process

Is able to provide all transportation, storage containers, materials, equipment, technical, management support and personnel needed to collect all electronic waste.

Proper Recycling

Has a ZERO landfill or incinerator initiative. UER is in full compliance with the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) for identity theft certification, by Federal Mandate and enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

Responsible Destruction

Provides data destruction (DOD Level 3 HD Erasure) and hard drive shredding at their physical location in Coppell. United Electronic Recycling guarantees the secure and proper destruction of all data.

Additional Services

UER’s partnership with OIG offers an expanded suite of services including real estate, architecture, space planning, and design, new and preowned office furnishings, relocation and corporate moves, electronic recycling, data destruction, ITAD, secure paper shredding, as well as decommission and liquidation services.

Highly Qualified

All collected electronic waste is processed to R2v3 standards.

Our Proceedure

At UER’s recycling facility all electronic waste materials are disassembled, reclaimed and prepared for marketing as a raw material in a manner that constitutes recycling as defined by and in strict adherence and compliance to all applicable statutes and mandates of the Federal and State Environmental Protection Agencies, Department of Environmental Quality, US and Texas Departments of Transportation, OSHA and all other applicable federal, state and local governmental agencies.
The City’s electronic recycling events are always consistently well organized and efficiently run and I appreciate knowing my electronics are being processed correctly so that I don’t need to worry about a hard drive or laptop once it’s in UER’s capable hands.

A great and friendly place to recycle electronics responsibly. We just need to walk in, check in with the front desk and drop off the items for them to recycle. Highly recommended!

Amazing customer service and a great way to avoid trash in landfills! We visit frequently with household items like batteries, small appliances and light bulbs!

Thanks for everything you all have done to support UTA's electronic waste recycling program! You all are great partners.

This year’s event was the most well-run in the history of this event in Stephenville. Brian Anderson and his staff were professional, diligent, and courteous.

This is our second neighborhood electronics recycling and paper shredding event with UER. The scheduling team produced a wonderful flyer to our specifications and gave recommendations on how best to run a successful event. On the morning of the event 4 workers arrived ahead of time and were set up and ready to assist our neighbors with unloading their electronics and shredding their personal items. They were courteous and helpful. Thank you UER! We look forward to working with you again.