4 Harmful Effects of E-waste on the Environment

February 11, 2021 UER Team No Comments

E-Waste, also known as electronic waste, is the term used when electronics come to the end of their time and are no longer usable or useful to anyone. This includes many different types of electronics from computer monitors to televisions. What many people do not know is electronics can be reused and restored into new […]

Educating Papa Morais

January 28, 2021 UER Team No Comments

At the end of September/beginning of October 2020 we had a lucky break and had a gentlemen named Papa Morais approach us looking for employment.  We interviewed him, spoke about the job, and hired him to add to our warehouse sort team.  This might sound mundane or normal or just what happens in day-to-day business, […]

Data Destruction Dallas

October 21, 2020 UER Team No Comments

Dallas, do you really want to send your junk office computers to a landfill?  Advanced data scavengers use metal detectors to comb rubbish for hard drives and then download your personal info. If anyone gets hold of this info, your company may face a costly security breach. That is why Dallas companies need data destruction […]

Components of Professional Electronic Recycling

October 12, 2020 UER Team No Comments

Reuse.  A key component of the recycling triad and the main focus of the E-Commerce department at United Electronic Recycling (UER).  By hand-selecting potentially viable items through our sortation process we afford ourselves the opportunity to catch electronics that may still have shelf life left in them.  This allows us to offer a second lease […]

ITAD Coming through in a pinch

September 28, 2020 UER Team No Comments

Hello, My name is Timothy Straten. I began my career in the world of electronics recycling as a technician on the floor testing assets. This is where my introduction to electronic recycling and the world of IT asset disposition (ITAD) began. I am now the Assistant Manager at United Electronic Recycling (UER) with 7 years […]

New To The Recycling Industry

September 11, 2020 UER Team No Comments

I am new to the recycling industry.  I have been with United Electronic Recycling for around two months now and it is amazing how much I have learned about electronic recycling, paper shredding, and environmental sustainability as a whole. UER has the most amazing culture and great genuine people.  I am truly excited to come […]