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Throughout 2020 our team recycled over 8,000,000 lbs. of electronics using the highest industry standards. In 2021 our goal is to prevent 10,0000,000 lbs. of electronics from landfills and redirect them to be re-used as new products. Electronic waste has a damaging impact on our environment and that’s why we take responsibility to properly dispose of each piece of electronic equipment going through our facility.

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Data Security

We treat your data just like its our own: very carefully and with a high level of security.

Electronic Recycling

It is our goal to provide a cost-effective pick-up service of your electronic waste.

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Residential drop-offs are from 8am to 11am & 12pm to 4pm Monday-Friday (except for holidays).

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Company Mission

We want to keep recycling your electronics as easy and convenient for you as possible. We also want to keep pick up’s at the lowest possible cost to you and even when possible, free!! Call us in advance and we can get you on our pre-scheduled out route so that we can cut down on our logistics costs and that will offset the pick up fees.

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Easy & Convenient

We want to keep recycling your electronics as easy and convenient for you as possible. We also want to keep pick up’s at the lowest possible cost to you and even when possible, free!! Call us in advance and we can get you on our pre-scheduled out route so that we can cut down on our logistics costs and that will offset the pick up fees.

Remember besides our pick up services, you can always bring your electronic recycling to our Coppell location or else one of our collection events. If you bring it to us, the only charge would be for CRT monitors or TVs. We charge $5 for each printer/copier/fax machine dropped off. We can still provide you with a Certificate of Destruction.

We have Collection Events in Plano most Saturdays of the Month if weekends would work better for your schedule. We also host Collection Events and have a Swap Program. Call us and let us know how we can help you recycle your electronics!

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Our Company Goals

United Electronic Recycling, LLC, our integrity is the foundation of our company. We have maintained our R2 certification, adhering to the rigorous Responsible Recycling practices regarding environmental, health and safety management systems. Our company policy, in compliance with the R2 requirements, is based upon a reuse, recover and dispose philosophy. All equipment that we receive, regardless of the type or source, undergoes intensive security measures to ensure that sensitive data is not accessible when the equipment is refurbished for further use.


In addition to data security measures, we support the regulations and legislations regarding environmental, occupational health and safety standards. At United Electronic Recycling, LLC, our collective goals include to perpetually improve our processes and procedures; to surpass the expectations of our customers, both internal and external; and to positively impact the environment. By following the recycling mandates in place, we comprehensively reuse equipment, their components, and materials in the most responsible and cost-effective manner for our clients. Whether your company has electronics that have reached their end-of-life or are reusable, United Electronics Recycling LLC, can ensure that your sensitive data will be eliminated, and its components recycled. As a business searching for refurbished equipment, United Electronics Recycling, LLC can assure that you will receive top quality, reasonably priced materials and machines. At United Electronics Recycling, LLC, we take great pride in providing exceptional services and equipment to our customers while adhering to the environmental, health and safety standards set by our regulators.


Going Green

“Going Green” is more than a slogan at United Electronic Recycling, LLC—it’s our passion. We are dedicated to providing our customers with every facet of proper electronics disposal including the destruction of sensitive electronic information. At United Electronic Recycling, our expert team can disassemble equipment and potentially recycle various components to be upcycled and used again. Your company is guaranteed regulatory disposal of your equipment and electronics; a new company receives refurbished, discounted, quality equipment and our Earth benefits by housing less refuse. At United Electronic Recycling, helping your company to ‘go green’ is the foundation of our business.

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As a leader in the electronics recycling industry, United Electronics Recycling, LLC, we embrace the responsibility to effectively reuse, recycle, and dispose of various materials. We are experts at refurbishing or decommissioning electronics, but we can also recycle plastics, metals, and other non-renewable resources. At United Electronics Recycling, LLC, we also offer shredding services, data security and destruction, recycling of office furniture, textiles, and even warehouse pallet storage. By providing a variety of services, we facilitate the reuse of many materials—a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Advancing Technology

It’s hard to picture a world without technology; it’s everywhere we turn. From the smart phones we carry everywhere we go, to the computer systems we use at work and school, technology has permeated our society. Technology is constantly changing and with it, so do the machines we use to incorporate it into our everyday lives. Forty years ago, home computers, portable cellular phones, even ergonomic office desks and chairs were all in their infancy but today, they are commonplace items. Invariably, your business will eventually need to update its office equipment when it becomes outdated or no longer works. Oftentimes, companies will just dispose of the equipment and components; however, a viable option is to sell the outdated equipment and materials for refurbishing and recycling. The expense of electronic waste is monumental; not only for the costs associated with replacing units and components, but from the potential dangers associated with the varied chemicals in the internal parts which could eventually find their way into our drinking water if not properly recycled. To alleviate this issue, United Electronics Recycling, LLC will assess your electronics and other items to offer a fair market value, providing you with excess capital to invest in your new electronics. Electronics that are no longer marketable can be reclaimed through their components, so that everything is recycled, saving our planet from a mountain of discarded cell phones, computer monitors, hard drives, printers, batteries, cash registers, and various wires and cables, to name just a few. At United Electronics Recycling, LLC, we know that technology will continue to advance but it does not have to be at the expense of our planet.

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Why Choose Us?

Everyone from massive corporations to independent franchise businesses are looking for ways to cost-effectively provide their products and services while still trying to be earth conscious. Whether its going paperless, conserving energy, or using recycled goods, businesses everywhere understand the importance of adhering to strict guidelines to save resources. At United Electronic Recycling, LLC, our focus is to provide a reasonable recycling option for your business. We manage the process from start to finish, including the electronic recycling, data destruction, hard drive shredding, IT asset management, warehouse pallet storage and liquidation to the providing new and used furniture for your office space. Additionally, United Electronic Recycling LLC is compliant with the R2, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards, as well as all local, state, and federal regulations regarding recycling. Meeting these requirements confirms our dedication to the importance of recycling, and our duty to our planet’s future generations. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about United Electronics Recycling, LLC, and to providing our customers with valuable recycling, refurbishing, and disposal services.

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It is our goal to provide a cost-effective pickup service of your electronic waste.

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