How to select an electronic recycler

How to select an electronic recycler

September 13, 2022 UER Team No Comments

United Electronic Recycling founded its business on committing to the highest standards of responsible recycling. Many of these standards are based on the recycling industry’s many guidelines and certifications that shape the best practices used by UER as well as many of our respected competitors. These practices are used to safeguard sensitive information stored on recycled devices, as well as managing hazardous material that result from the recycling process which can be toxic when disposed of incorrectly.

As a consumer it can be difficult to navigate the electronic recycling process. For this reason, we have compiled a quick list of what to look for in a recycler-

One of the easiest ways to investigate a recycler is to research their location- recyclers will have large to medium sized warehouses to process their electronics. If you are considering a recycler operating from home, a small office, strip mall or has a suite number- consider this a red flag- an individual or business looking for high value items to resell is not a valid recycler.

Ask for a facility tour to witness your recycler in action before they have your business. Also, use customer reviews to help make your decision based upon the experience of others.

Your recycler should have names and faces to represent their business on their website- if you land on a website without this information then you could be dealing with a sham recycler. You always want to have valid contact information to confirm service and address any issues or concerns.

Recyclers will price your service based on the value and volume of items collected, any applicable transportation costs, processing fees, disposal fees and labor costs. Unless you have high end or new equipment, there will more than likely be a fee for recycling. These fees cover your recycler processing your material correctly, and while they will vary between recyclers, a completely free service is rare.

Your recycler should be able to present you with a certificate of recycling and/or recycling reporting. These are offered as proof of recycling once your material has been processed.

We would love to talk recycling with you! Contact United Electronics Recycling anytime for more information about our suite of services designed to recycle and reduce (your stress) by offering a true partner in your recycling needs.