How to incorporate sustainability in the workplace

How to incorporate sustainability in the workplace

November 23, 2022 UER Team No Comments

There are many benefits to promoting a sustainable workplace, including reducing environmental impact, reducing waste, recycling, and creating a more friendly and productive environment.

Let’s take a look at how we can incorporate sustainability in the workplace.

3 Ways to Create a Sustainable Workplace

1. Electronic Recycling

 Electronic recycling is a great initiative for any business to take. Recycling electronics helps diverts e-waste from going into the landfill, which causes pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. It’s important ,however, to make sure you are recycling electronics safely and correctly with the right recycler

At United Electronic Recycling, an electronic waste service provider that helps companies integrate electronic recycling into their organizations, the UER team can set up an e-waste pick-up or a collection event for the employees depending on the company’s needs. In 2021, United Electronic Recycling diverted 8,067,504 pounds of obsolete electronics from going into landfills.

2. Recycling Paper

Paper recycling is one of the easiest ways a workplace can incorporate sustainability in the workplace while also helping protect the environment. However, when it comes to recycling paper in an office, the traditional recycling process can pose a potential information security threat. Partnering with a document destruction company that recycles all paper once shredded can be crucial to not compromising data security.

With Mobile Shred It, you can feel confident that your information is safe at every step of the process. Mobile shredding is a simple process that takes place at your premises. Mobile Shred IT’s On-site shredding process:

  • A highly trained professional shredder will be scheduled for service at your convenience with a mobile shredding vehicle.
  • Secure equipment is used to transport documents to mobile shredding vehicle.
  • All documents are shredded on-site, with the opportunity to witness the entire process.
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided ensuring your full compliance with state and federal privacy.

In 2021, Mobile Shred It securely collected and recycled 999,200 pounds of shredded sorted office paper.

3. Sustainable Furnishings

Incorporating a sustainable workplace can start with the office chair you have. The materials that make up your favorite desk, table, or couch have to come from somewhere. By investing in high-quality used furniture, you are giving old furniture a chance to continue doing its job. It does not have to waste away in a landfill. Keep this in mind whenever you are on the lookout for exceptional office furnishing products.