How to Dispose of or Recycle Microwave

May 11, 2023 elizabethkeller No Comments

How To Recycle Microwave in Dallas, Texas You can recycle Microwave ovens with United Electronic Recycling. Both businesses and individuals can avail of our recycling services for those items. For […]

Earth Day

April 4, 2023 elizabethkeller No Comments

Earth Day is April 22 and it’s an annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earth’s natural resources for […]

5 facts about appliance recycling

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Over time, every appliance in your home will need to be replaced or updated. Things you use daily or regularly are likely to wear out quicker than others. When the […]

What Happens to Recycled Computer Parts?

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Computers and electronic equipment are made from multiple types of plastic, metal, glass, and precious metals. Our goal when recycling electronics is to separate the different materials from each other. […]

Electronic Recycling 101

January 25, 2023 elizabethkeller No Comments

What is e-waste: “E-waste,” “electronic waste,” “e-scrap,” and “end-of-life electronics” are terms often used to describe electronic items that have reached the end of their useful life. As a general […]

United Electronic Recycling 2022 Impact Report

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Learn more about our impact throughout the 2022 year below. At United Electronic Recycling, we continue to work toward doing great things for the environment of our clients and community. […]