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Technology has transformed how we live and conduct business; think communication, transportation, education, and professional and social interactions. While the positive impact of technology on the world is undeniable, we shouldn’t be oblivious to the overwhelming glut of bulky and obsolete electronics. From old video players to desktop computers, televisions, and cellphones, almost every household has some electronic waste that must be disposed of.

Unfortunately, when discarded improperly, these electronic devices pose a significant threat to our environment, especially when allowed to accumulate. To complicate matters, most people lack the resources to ensure that their old devices are recycled properly. In many cases, electronic wastes recycling services are unavailable or overly expensive. It is this service gap that United Electronic Recycling seeks to fill with our affordable residential electronic recycling services.

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United Electronic Recycling is a fully-registered company that specializes in electronic waste recycling. We ensure data security through the shredding and erasing of hard drives. That way, all important data is destroyed beyond recognition to any unauthorized parties. Additionally, we offer asset decommissioning, liquidation, and redeployment through the recycling and donating of discarded items.

Our e-waste disposal and recycling services cover both office and residential wastes. We also have the capacity to handle non-electronic wastes, like home or office furniture. If you’re looking for a convenient way to store warehousing pallets, shred documents, or transport wastes to a designated area, we have the state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles to carry out such jobs.

Above all else, we are dedicated to sustainable development. We ensure that all destroyed recyclable materials can be repurposed by our network of downstream vendors.

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What is Residential Electronic Recycling?

We are proud to specialize in residential electronic recycling. This process involves collecting electronic trash from residential buildings and doing all we can to put recyclable material to use again.

United Electronic Recycling is aware that some of these residential e-wastes may contain personal data. We make sure that all electronic devices are wiped out of their data, as part of the recycling and destruction processes.

Recycling your residential electronic wastes offers three benefits. First, as a small business, recycling electronic wastes might qualify you for a federal recycling tax incentive. Secondly, you get to support downstream vendors and users who can put your recyclable materials to use so that it does not have to clutter a landfill. Lastly, you help in conserving our environment. Unfortunately, many different pollutants presently overwhelm our environment; residential e-waste is one of them. With our e-waste recycling and disposal services, you can contribute towards environment conservation and protection.

What E-Wastes Do We Accept?

At United Electronic Recycling, we accept a broad range of office, industrial, and residential e-wastes for recycling. For ease of sorting and pricing, the e-wastes we accept are divided into different categories, including computing, office items, industrial appliances, point of sale, and consumer items. Other categories cover audio, video, batteries, network, and communication devices. Different items require a different sorting, disposal, or recycling approach. How we handle these wastes depends on the materials they are made of.

Our broad categorization of e-wastes also allows us to capture the numerous potential devices within the home, industrial, or residential settings that may require disposing or recycling. We are attentive to the changing technological landscape and are always looking to evolve for the betterment of our clients and the communities we serve.

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Headquartered in Coppell, Texas, United Electronic Recycling is one of the most innovative electronic waste recycling companies in the country. Since opening our doors in 2011, we have grown to be an industry leader. Our processes are ISO certified and meet all industry standards.

Our extensive service portfolio showcases our dedication to our clients and their recycling needs. We are an environmental and socially conscious company that works hard to conserve our environment while also improving how people conduct business and cope with an ever-changing technological landscape.

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