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  • Electronic Recycling Benefits


    Recycling creates jobs in the waste management and disposal industries.

  • Electronic Recycling Go Green

    Go Green

    Recycling helps families save money, especially in communities.

  • Secure Electronic Recycling


    We overwrite all information multiple times to ensure your security.

  • Electronic Recycling Value


    We maximize the value of every piece through our breaking down process.

Carter BloodCare at Stonebridge Ranch Recycling Event
Carter Blood Care Carter BloodCare will be attending our Stonebridge Ranch Recycling event on May 9th. Be sure to sign up for the blood drive before the event.

Our Major Concerns for 2015
UER is quickly becoming the Data Destruction experts for both the professional and private sectors. At UER, we are passionate about protecting your data. We have all seen and heard about the large retail chains getting hit by hackers and stealing millions of accounts full of personal data. The following is an article that just recently came out that gives you an idea of the magnitude of the problem.

Cyber-attacks – (Newsweek 2014: The Year in Cyber-attacks)
“While Sony may have dominated the news toward the end of 2014, three major cyber-attacks against U.S. companies shook the corporate world earlier this year: Target opened the year by announcing in January that hackers had stolen personal information from an estimated 110 million accounts; hackers accessed approximately 83 million J.P. Morgan Chase accounts in August; and Home Depot confirmed that its payment system was breached in September, compromising an estimated 56 million accounts.” “Target, J.P. Morgan, and Home Depot were only three of many victims of cyber-attacks in 2014; Staples, Healthcare.gov, Neiman Marcus and many others also suffered cyber-attacks that left customers vulnerable.” Least we forget Ebay and the 233 million users information that was hacked in 2014.

If ordinary individuals, hackers, and/or governments are willing to hit these large corporations for their information online, what makes you think they are not interested in getting as much information/data from the Hard Drives in your end of life equipment? UER addresses those concerns by offering outstanding Data Security services for your Hard Drives.

*Set a goal for 2015*
Make sure your Data Security is a top priority for your company by protecting your yourself from cyber-attacks and remembering UER is committed to making sure your Data is properly destroyed.

Contact us today if your business needs help recycling its outdated electronic equipment. Together we can make a difference.

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