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From streamlining organizational processes to improving how we communicate every day, technology has transformed the business world in enormous ways. That said, when new technology emerges, existing devices once hailed as “cutting edge” become obsolete.

Take, for example, former technological marvels like traditional office phones, overhead projectors, and fax machines. They have all been replaced by new technologies that are simply faster, sleeker, and more precise. Even office computers have been swapped out in favor of personalized computing devices like laptops and tablets.

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Corporate eWaste

As small businesses and large corporations alike cast aside these old machines, clutter accumulates. The resulting accumulation of unused and outdated devices contributes to electronic wastes, better known as eWaste.

Corporations contribute heavily to electronic pollution. Unfortunately, electronic waste recycling and management is a relatively novel industry with few players and numerous service and technology gaps. We at United Electronic Recycling seek to fill this gap with our top-notch e-waste recycling services, specifically corporate electronic recycling.

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What is Corporate Electronic Recycling?

Simply put, E-waste management involves sorting, cleaning, decommissioning, and sometimes, re-commissioning used electronics. Corporate electronic recycling, then, is the management of corporations’ e-waste.

Corporate and industrial e-waste includes computers and related hardware like motherboards, RAM, hard drives, terminals, and UPS. Some corporations may also find themselves overwhelmed by network devices and machines that are broken beyond repair. Other corporate electronic wastes include point of sale (POS) machines such as registers, scanners, and cash drawers that a corporation may desire to discard to create room for new technologies.
However, large corporations are not the only businesses that benefit from corporate electronic waste recycling. Security firms frequently must discard old, damaged, or outdated walkie talkies and CB radios.

Corporate Data Security

In any case, the corporate electronic recycling process looks something like this:

First, to ensure the safety of a company and its employees, all decommissioned or recycled e-waste must be stripped of their data.

Next, the items follow the reuse, reduce, recycle method. What this looks like will depend heavily on the type of e-waste and its volume. In some cases, companies dump their waste into designated storage rooms. Some even outsource the services to recycling companies. This is where United Electronic Recycling comes in, with our expertise in e-waste management. We ensure that less than 1% of e-waste ends up in a landfill.


Our Services

United Electronic Recycling offers premier corporate electronic waste management services. We have extensive experience in decommissioning and liquidating warehouses, industrial plants, and office spaces. Our team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals will ensure that all e-waste is disposed of appropriately. We also sort corporate e-waste to ensure we help our clients in recycling, liquidating, or deploying functional, valuable, or surplus assets.

We are also aware of the possibility that some of these corporate electronic devices may contain sensitive data. Our data security and management services ensure all the data in the electronic devices are erased or shredded. We use high-level data handling protocols and procedures to ensure all data in the electronic devices are destroyed.

For companies looking for storage facilities for their obsolete or surplus electronic devices, our Coppell warehouse has some storage ability in pallet racking. Additionally, we offer transport, data destruction, shredding, and asset disposition services to clients.

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Why Consider Us

United Electronic Recycling leads the e-waste management industry by offering high-quality services at affordable prices. We are a one-stop-shop for all your corporate electronic recycling services. We are always ready and agile enough to meet your needs. Our services and protocols meet all the industry recycling standards and are ISO 14001 certified.

We are also a green company dedicated to reducing environmental pollution by minimizing our carbon footprint by using environmentally-friendly technologies and processes. As a socially and environmentally conscious company, United Electronic Recycling is always looking for ways to impact the lives of people around the globe through social initiatives. Our dedication to recycling corporate electronics has led us to partner with like-minded organizations. 

Our dedication to cost-effective and environmentally-safe technologies allows us to keep our prices low and competitive. We believe in developing strong working relationships with our clients to ensure that our services are tailored to meet their needs.

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