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Electronic Recycling Collection Events

With over a decade of local recycling experience supporting 5000+ events, UER has the ability to take our best practices and tailor a program to your unique needs and goals. Beyond the business of recycling, with the cost savings over landfilling electronics, we specialize in the responsible and secure management of data. Having a trusted partner with documented procedures for the responsible recycling of your electronics is paramount to your recycling success. UER will be your partner in every step of the process, from location selection, event promotion, event set up, labor, and event management to final reporting at recycling completion.

Recycling is a social value and we treat our work as more than just a service. We will design a collection plan to accommodate your ongoing service needs and, once established, your events will gain momentum and support your thriving positive community. UER has additional services including secure on-site paper shredding and textile recycling options which give your events the ability to grow and serve more of your community needs at one convenient event.

Collection Events for Businesses, Property Management Companies and Office Towers

Many businesses, Property Managers and office towers now offer electronic recycling as an added-value service knowing that their tenants and/or employees will have this need. Hosting collection events will also contribute towards any LEED certification and other green initiative programs. UER will provide LEED reporting for all electronics collected. We will design a collection method specifically to meet your needs and goals. UER will be as non-intrusive as possible as we are conscious of the many diverse tenants you may have in your building. Events will be designed for optimal participation and ease of service. Collections can take place at your office tower dock or parking lot with several options to collect electronics:

  1. Drive-up – Tenants can drive their electronics to the point of collection for the UER team to unload and collect electronics.
  2. Walk-up – Tenants can simply walk-up to the designated collection site and leave their recyclables with our team of recycling professionals.
  3. Special Arrangements – Tenants are also able to make special arrangements with our team to retrieve items. This is especially useful for IT managers or businesses with large quantities of electronics to recycle.
  4. On-site Recycle Bins– businesses and office towers may choose to keep a recycling bin or pallet on-site at all times for electronic waste collection with on-demand service.

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Let UER’s team of experts design, promote, and manage your next E-Waste Collection event:

Collection Events

United Electronic Recycling offers collection events across the US and is the trusted partner to the majority of recycling municipalities across Texas and Oklahoma.

Collection events are a cost efficient way to divert thousands of electronics from the landfill as well as providing a positive experience for residents. All communities, including municipalities, homeowners’ associations, MUDs, Keep America Beautiful affiliates, Churches and other community groups, as well as businesses, property management companies and office towers are eligible for collection events. Additionally, UER is able to provide on-site document shredding services to any collection event for an even greater service level. We would love the opportunity to tailor a collection event to your specific needs and goals.