Allen Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling Allen

United Electronic Recycling is an expert in electronic recycling in the city of Allen. We provide low-cost pick-ups by efficiently utilizing our resources. We can also provide Certificates of Destruction (COD’s) and Detailed Settlement Reports after all electronics have been completely processed.

Recycling Responsibility

Oftentimes, irresponsible recyclers will send electronic waste to countries with extreme poverty. Here at United Electronic Recycling, we do not outsource the responsibility of electronic recycling to vulnerable people in impoverished countries. We work hard to make our process as efficient as possible. As proof, many independent recyclers send their electronics to UER for proper processing and efficient extraction of commodity value. Our experienced team of technicians and our high-efficiency mechanical disassembly, can provide you with the highest level of service and return commodities back into the manufacturing channel.

Collection and Pick-up Services

United Electronic Recycling is your single source for convenient collection services. Our recycling advocates will assist you in your Electronic Recycling/Commodity Value Processing needs. What do we recycle? Basically, anything that runs on a battery or has a power cord! You can also take a look at our list of Accepted Items.

We also provide further services, which include: data destruction, data security, decommissioning and liquidation, hard drive shredding, paper shredding services,  and shredding services, information technology asset disposition, and warehousing pallet storage, and added value services. Contact us today to learn more about them and get your needed service!

Items We Recycle

Here is a brief list of what the UER Team currently recycles.

Monitors Laptops Printers ($5 charge)
CPUs Modems Keyboards
Cell Phones Mainframe Copiers ($5 charge)
Fax Machines ($5 charge) Typewriters Telephone PBX
Terminals Lab Equipment VCR's
CRTs ($5 charge due to lead) TVs 31′ and smaller ($25 charge due to lead) TVs 32′ and larger ($25 charge due to lead)