Jason Keller

[email protected]
Jason is the proud CEO of United Electronic Recycling. He has years of knowledge and experience with electronic recycling and all the processes included. Jason also possesses unique financial insight and can determine value of all electronic materials. This expertise has helped UER become a leader in the recycling industry by maximizing the value of all electronic equipment that flows through our facility.

In addition, Jason works closely with Office Interior Groups (OIG) and as a realtor for United Country Real Estate. Jason also sits on the board of the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association (NTCRA) and on the board of directors for The State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR), and is involved in numerous non-profits and charities.

In all aspects of life, both personal and professional, Jason has a dedication and passion for environmental stewardship. Jason leads United Electronic Recycling with the goal of maintaining sustainable practices, protecting environmental quality for future generations, and becoming a role model for other companies in the industry.

“Recycling today for a better tomorrow!”

Andy Gabehart

Managing Partner

Andy Gabehart joined UER through a strategic partnership with existing companies under his ownership which include UER, Office Interiors Group, First Choice Communications and United Country Real Estate and Auction Services. Mr. Gabehart plays a key role in connecting the different businesses providing an enhanced customer experience with a greater offering of services and products. Customers experiencing company openings, closings or moves canrely on Mr. Gabehart to connect the right combination of services seamlessly without needing to coordinate multiple venders. His business knowledge and connections benefit UER by brining electronic recycling to many new customers as well as creating outlets for recycled material usage.

Clayton Swize

Operations Director

As a husband and father of two daughters my wife and I share a leadership role in teaching our children how to better take care of our great planet. I can now use my 30 years in business experience to help grow the E-Waste recycling footprint of our company and society. We aim high with confidence that we are proven leaders in the recycling arena as well job creators with a strong business family culture.

Timothy Straten

Technician Manager

Mr. Straten serves as the UER Tech Department manager and came to UER with over six years of experience working within the recycling industry. Additionally, Mr. Straten spent over 10 years as a technician and computer programmer. His role as the Tech Department head is to restore recycled equipment suitable for resale which includes testing, managing secure data removal, and the preparation of refurbished electronics exceeding UER’s resale standards. With Mr. Straten’s past experience and current responsibilities at UER he contributes significantly towards the company’s recycling goals and diversion rate.

Terry Shultz

Account Manager
Terry Shultz is the Account Manager at United Electronic Recycling, LLC. Terry has over 20 years of experience in the environmental industry with 13+ years in electronic recycling. Before coming to UER, Terry founded and owned Verde Tech & E-Waste Collections, electronic recycler and data security companies. Over the years, Terry has been heavily involved in multiple environmental organizations including; the Sustainable Dallas Annual Conference, Board Member for North Texas Corporate Recycling Association (NTCRA), Founder and current President of Women in the Environment (WE), City of Irving – Green Advisory Board Vice President, and the City of Irving Chamber- Green Business Council. Through her experience she has gained understanding of nearly every facet of the environmental industry from the people within it to the processes involved. Terry’s work is proof of her commitment to proactively protecting the environment for generations to come. Outside of work, Terry enjoys jewelry crafting, vintage clothing, camping, and advocating for the welfare of animals.

Carlos Alva

Warehouse Manager
Carlos Alva is the Warehouse Manager at UER since November 2019. He has practiced setting and meeting goals from a young age starting with selling candy to raise money for a nonprofit organization. He now uses those skills to properly process over 150,000 pounds of recyclable materials. helping to recycle all materials properly. Away from work he attends tournaments for video games, three of which he has won. Let’s work together for a cleaner earth “The power is yours” -Captain Planet