Jason Keller

Jason comes to United Electronic Recycling with experience from the largest competitive electronic recycling companies in Texas. This experience enables Jason to immediately determine the value of most electronic equipment and determine the highest degree of commodity value as well as resell value for ITAM purposes.  This means our clients are afforded the greatest opportunity to maximize their ROI for their outdated technology equipment.  Jason’s financial expertise identifies UER as a leader in the recycling industry as we strive to provide the greatest value for all electronic equipment that flows through our facility.

Additionally, Jason manages the IT Asset Management Division (ITAM), Inbound Sales Department, E-Commerce Sales, and the Testing Department.  Jason works with each client to provide a tailored approach that offers a customized recycling plan for their business and is committed to the highest standard of customer service and client satisfaction.

Richie Chookittiampol

Operations Manager

Richie is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of corporate experience and over ten years of managing business development and account management teams in the electronic recycling industry. With his experience working for several large e-waste recyclers he currently oversees the daily operations of UER.

Ignacio Soto

Warehouse Manager

Ignacio has over 20 years of experience in the electronics recycling industry and a Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. His responsibilities include overseeing collection events, coordinating the processing of collected materials, data destruction, and the technician department.

Lizeth Galvan

Office Manager

Lizeth has many years of experience in the customer service arena. Her experience servicing many different levels of clientele allows her to assist in customer satisfaction all levels.

Timothy Stratton

Timothy Stratton serves as the UER Tech Department manager and came to UER with over six years of experience working within the recycling industry. Additionally, Mr. Stratton spent over 10 years as a technician and computer programmer. His role as the Tech Department head is to restore recycled equipment suitable for resale which includes testing, managing secure data removal, and the preparation of refurbished electronics exceeding UER’s resale standards. With Mr. Stratton’s past experience and current responsibilities at UER he contributes significantly towards the company’s recycling goals and diversion rate. Timothy likes to take long walks in the park with his dogs and loves gaming on his free time.

Andy Gabehart

Andy Gabehart joined UER through a strategic partnership with existing companies under his ownership which include UER, Office Interiors Group, First Choice Communications and United Country Real Estate and Auction Services. Mr. Gabehart plays a key role in connecting the different businesses providing an enhanced customer experience with a greater offering of services and products. Customers experiencing company openings, closings or moves canrely on Mr. Gabehart to connect the right combination of services seamlessly without needing to coordinate multiple venders. His business knowledge and connections benefit UER by brining electronic recycling to many new customers as well as creating outlets for recycled material usage.

Jose Martinez

Jose serves UER as a Warehouse supervisor and driver. Jose has over 20 years in warehouse organization and logistical knowledge. He has the ability to manage over 35 people and growing. Jose is one of our most positive thinking employees with the right attitude to accomplish our companies needs. With a smile on his face to lead his team and is a die-hard Cowboys fan.

Robert Carrillo

Robert comes to UER with over 15 years experience in the electronic recycling industry. With this vast knowledge Robert plays a key role in locating recycled items that may have a use left in them. His knowledge of the market allows him to not only locate them, but to find the best channel to put them in for the highest and best use. He accomplishes his goal with a strong mind to develop new and modern ways to help our website grow. Robert is a soccer dad of 4 and loves to spends time playing games with his family.

Diana Cruz

Diana comes to UER with a vast knowledge of customer service and reporting expectations. With her ability to help and her knowledge of what customers need, she is always ready to help. Her 3 years in customer service has taught her the ability to communicate with customers on an expertise level, Diana comes to us with an ambitious to grow our company.

Derret Coleman

Derret is our company driver with an experience of driving for over 15 years and has a degree in business and marketing. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado and after time he decided to move to Texas and work in the driving industry. Derret has accomplished to impress our customers with his punctuality and dedication in driving from place to place getting the job done. Derrret likes to play football and spend time with his wife and child.