SB 649 Passed in the Senate


STAR’s SB 649 has made it through the Senate hearings!

Over the past month you all have done an awesome job reaching out to your legislators to support our bills. We have great news that SB 649 passed the Senate floor hearings on April 23rd with a 21-10 vote! It was a super close call as we needed a 2/3 majority, but we made it out. However, our work is still not done and we need your help!

HB 286 has even more opposition now that our Senate bill passed! The Texas Action group who is spreading a message that the State of Texas does not need to be involved in end-market development nor the education about recycling to Texans is doubling down on their efforts to stop our progress in the upcoming House floor hearings scheduled for May 6th.

Their assumptions are wrong and we need you to tell the 18 House Representatives listed below that this bill is important to you and our industry!

Please contact these State Representatives as a proud Texan, or on behalf of your Texas recycling company, and let them know why they should support HB 286! Our message points are listed below for you to use.

Here is who to reach out to: