Recycle Thursday

By now everyone is most likely aware of the fire at the plastics company in Grand Prairie, TX. Our hearts go out the people affected by this tragic experience.
These unfortunate events are reminders that anything can happen through negligence, accident or outside unpreventable forces. That’s why we at UER feel comfortable about diligently pursuing and reviewing our safety and awareness protocols. We choose to follow a safety path that involves all employees, especially in the middle of Covid-19.
We just recently sent nearly a quarter of staff through CPR/First aid training and plan to send more employees through the class. We executing above the bare minimum for safety protocols and procedures.
Being ready to help your fellow employee, friend, neighbor, family member, or stranger is benefit enough for the dollar price to invest in proper training.
Yes – we are an E-waste recycling company that can now facilitate document destruction.
Yes – we are growing business in size and especially proud to have hired new people over the last two months
Yes- we can meet your needs for E-waste recycling helping save the planet and preventing needless use of landfills
Yes – we can do this and have a great safe working environment.
-Clayton Swize
Operations Director
“Recycling Today for a Better Tomorrow!”