New To The Recycling Industry

New To The Recycling Industry

September 11, 2020 UER Team No Comments

I am new to the recycling industry.  I have been with United Electronic Recycling for around two months now and it is amazing how much I have learned about electronic recycling, paper shredding, and environmental sustainability as a whole.

UER has the most amazing culture and great genuine people.  I am truly excited to come to work each day.  Every time I walk through our warehouse, I am amazed by the number of things we recycle and it really makes you think about all the things we throw out without a thought of what happens to it or the effect it has on this world.

I had the best experience helping with the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association (NTCRA) Green3 awards over the last few weeks.  Because of the current pandemic the awards were not able to be held in person so we came up with a way to showcase all of the winners in a virtual setting.

We were able to do an onsite visit with each of the winners, tour their facilities, and learn about their programs.  I learned so much about the environmental substantiality community including composting, material recovery, recycling education, and waste minimization.  It is an awesome network to be apart of.  Every person I met while working on this project was just as passionate about their work in environmental substantiality as we are here at UER.  It feels good to be around like-minded people that share the same passion as us.  We all really share the same goals and I feel that because the awards will be available for public view via YouTube it will aid in further education about the importance of taking care of the one and only earth that we have.

I can’t wait to see what experiences are next in this career.