Minnie’s Food Pantry

United Electronic Recycling is partnering with Minnie’s Food Pantry during the month of April in another Facebook campaign to bring awareness to the needs of the hungry in Plano, TX and the surrounding cities.  For each new “Like” United Electronic Recycling LLC receives during April, we will donate $1 to Minnie’s Food Pantry.

Zoya Davani with Minnie’s Food Pantry posted to their Facebook page, “As you may know, today is Minnie’s Food Pantry 6 Yr Anniversary!!!!!! Help us celebrate with just the click of a button!!!!! United Electronic Recycling, LLC has generously agreed to donate $1 for every new like they receive through Minnie Food Pantry page!!!! Please check them out, share some love, and help us feed those in need!!!!! With every like we can provide 3 meals to children and families in need!!!!!!! Be the difference you wish to see!”

Facebook Campaign- Minnie's