Jason’s First Blog August 27, 2020

As I look back on United Electronic Recycling and its formation there are so many precious moments I can reflect upon. From the idea to the vision to all the wonderful series of events to get UER started and to where we are today. There are so many moments it appears I can write blogs about them. Another moment too now reflect upon lol.

UER has come so far from the beginnings to where it is today. There are many factors that have accounted for this vision and growth. Some of which are integrity, honesty, customer service, employee culture, accountability to our customers and our staff, vision for growth, and striving for continual improvement. I feel so blessed to have ended up in the recycling field where I can truly make a difference today that will be shown in later generations.



Believe it or not recycling is a newer concept, but oh my it can have such a positive long-term impact on this planet’s future. Think about it for a second; humans are digging holes in this planet to take out commodities like steel, copper, aluminum, oil, coal, etc. The list is actually quite long of what we mine from the planet, and I am told blogs are not supposed to be as long as that list is.

To grasp the idea of recycling you can ask yourself, since these commodities have already ben dug up from our Earths crust to be used to generate a product to make human life easier; why not use that same material to create another new item vs throwing it in a landfill and digging the items up again? It makes perfect sense to take these commodities and prepare them in such a way we can have them re-molded or formed into the next new iPhone, toy, or gadget.

There are so many raw materials coming from the recycling stream that can be ready as new feedstock to manufacturing plants. All we have to do is E- Waste RECYCLE. This means more than throwing it in a cart and wheeling it to our curb though. It means education, jobs, labor, technology, peoples livelihoods, and potentially the overall health of this planet.

Talk about a sustainable movement that has power and the potential for more than just a current positive impact. These are things that will have a long-term effect, for the good of all. We can partner this with sustainable energies and oh my, now we’re cooking lol.

I feel truly blessed to be part of a culture that helps in so many ways. The RECYCLING journey for UER only just begun ten short years ago. When I look back at all I have learned I must say it has been so awesome! I have met so many great and genuine people. I am fortunate to work alongside a team that shares this culture, integrity, and genuineness at UER. That leads me to say RELATIONSHIPS are really where it is at. Being able to share the vision with so many others and have this passion for BETTER while doing it TOGETHER. That really is some special stuff

Well, until we meet again stay GREEN my FRIENDS

Jason Keller

P.S. Be consistently self-aware and humble of our environment while keeping a clear vision for our future.