4 Harmful Effects of E-waste on the Environment

4 Harmful Effects of E-waste on the Environment

February 11, 2021 UER Team No Comments

E-Waste, also known as electronic waste, is the term used when electronics come to the end of their time and are no longer usable or useful to anyone. This includes many different types of electronics from computer monitors to televisions. What many people do not know is electronics can be reused and restored into new materials and be turned into something else. If disposed of properly some electronics become parts or a whole brand new machine. If we do not dispose of the electronics properly it can be very harmful and dangerous to the environment in which we live.

4 Harmful Effects of E-waste

1. Raw Materials Seep Into Drinking Water

After electronic devices get thrown into a landfill they sit there and get covered with soil, also known as soil contamination. Heavy metals such as mercury, lithium, lead, and many others leak through the soil of the earth which eventually leaks into the groundwater. When these metals leak into the groundwater they eventually end up in ponds, lakes, streams, and oceans, from which all our drinking water comes from. This is prevented by properly disposing of electronic devices.

2. Releases Toxins Into the Air

When electronic waste sits and heats up, they eventually start to release dangerous and harmful toxins and chemicals into the air causing air pollution. These dangerous toxins and chemicals can be harmful to the human body, damaging parts of the body such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, and sometimes the immune system.

3. Amount of Cell Phones Recycled

In the United States, only 10% of cell phones are recycled while the other 90% sit in the landfill. Every cell phone that sits in a landfill can be used to make new materials or eventually power for homes. Electronic waste makes up almost all of the toxic waste production in the United States, which is one of the largest environmental issues today. Meaning the more cell phones recycled could help those numbers decrease rapidly.

4. Negatively Affects Soil

When The toxins from the landfill start seeping through the ground of the earth it harms the natural, healthy, rich soil of the ground causing plants to die, and not be polluted. These negative toxins get in the soil in which the environments plants and trees are growing in and stunts their growth and eventually kills them off losing things we need.

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