Educating Papa Morais

Educating Papa Morais

January 28, 2021 UER Team No Comments

At the end of September/beginning of October 2020 we had a lucky break and had a gentlemen named Papa Morais approach us looking for employment.  We interviewed him, spoke about the job, and hired him to add to our warehouse sort team.  This might sound mundane or normal or just what happens in day-to-day business, but let’s pause for a minute.  We, here at UER/MSI, have been growing and learning at a fast rate.  We are also seven months into a pandemic.  We were also three months into acquiring a mobile document destruction company.  By the time Papa arrived, I was 10 months into electronic recycling.  Every day we are still learning our trade and each other as we grow.

Let’s talk about our growth – we have a lot of great people for the size of company we are.  Papa not only fit right in but brings a very positive attitude each day.  Papa represents a micro-unit of what we try to be as a company every day.   The team at UER/MSI has a “do whatever it takes” attitude and open-mindedness to be able to change and evolve as we grow.  We have added other folks to the team since Papa and they are contributing just as he has and the employees before him.

This part of business everyone refers to as culture is just as important as high-level customer service, accuracy in reporting, timely billing, the vendors we partner with, cleanliness, etc.

What a person like Papa brought to us was great timing.  Once again, on the main stage, you have newer employees learning, and we are growing and navigating a pandemic.  He made me stop and realize we are doing a lot of great things and following our owner Jason Keller’s mantra “Recycling Today for a Better Tomorrow”.  I am very lucky to be a part of and contribute where I can to this great company.  A great place to work is a cornerstone for accomplishing the many great ideas we have to make tomorrow better.