Business as Unusual at United Electronic Recycling  

I have been in the recycling industry for almost five months. I have been lucky enough to help run a growing electronic recycling company in Coppell, TX. This northwest Dallas location has all the potential in the world – and the owners and workers to accomplish it.

With that being said, the rest of this brief article is about staying clear and positive throughout this new experience we are all in.

I have learned a lot in my short time at United Electronic Recycling, or UER. During this heightened learning curve, the key word I have learned is sustainability. Which now has two main meanings for us. One: We contribute to it through our recycling efforts as a company and Second: at the moment we are leading it in another unforeseen way, rather than just making a better, cleaner planet.

As the operations director I have to circle up with the two owners, department leaders, and at times just myself to create a culture and  plans that are positive, nurturing, solemn (during these difficult times), optimistic, empowering, and forward thinking.

The decisions we make will lead everyone through the short term and set us up for many years of success. We will not know all the answers, but we are prepared to figure them out as they happen and agile enough to correct, fine tune, and create a great path forward.

The most beneficial part of our planning are mental resources and common sense. We still start with what we can prove and branch off from that.

Here is what I can prove:  We all know we are only as good as those we work with and I work with great people. Does this mean we all know the answers – not at all. We treat UER like a work family – this helps us bring all ideas to the table and allows us to disagree and stay positive – but never lose sight of the big picture. This attitude has reduced fears, improved efficiency, and lead us up a successful path.

In conclusion, let us all take a second to ensure we have plans in place to protect ourselves and our business. Say Thanks to those around you that helped get you where you are today – because those folks will help you get to where you are going tomorrow.

Stay Clear and Positive!