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Throughout 2019 our team has recycled over 5,300,000 lbs. of electronics using the highest industry standards. Electronic waste has a damaging impact on our environment and that’s why we take responsibility to properly dispose of each piece of electronic equipment going through our facility.

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Check Presentation to CACCC 3-6-14

Jerry Walker of UER presenting a $600 check to Kate Goble of CACCC.


This partnership was an opportunity to not only highlight the great work being done at CACCC and how they are changing the lives of so many children, but to also bring a greater awareness of the needs of CACCC.  This was also an opportunity to market United Electronic Recycling on social media by increasing the number of “Likes” for our Facebook page.  Due to the holidays and the start of 2014, we only had three weeks to really get this marketing campaign going but we were very happy with the results; gaining almost 600 new “Likes” on our Facebook page.  UER looks forward to partnering with CACCC in the future.

United Electronic Recycling, LLC is donating $1 per new fan on our Facebook page to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County through 1/31/14!

UER Facebook Campaign - CACCC

United Electronic Recycling, LLC (UER) has recently gone through an internal reorganization. Joey Foster is now the President and Chief Operating Officer while Jason Keller is now Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer. Steve Foster and John Hayes (both Managing Partners) have stepped out of the day-to-day operations and are now filling the roles of Management and Sales Consultants respectively. Jerry Walker continues to fill the role of Account Manager and Office Manager for UER. This reorganization of executive personnel constitutes an emphasis on the operations and management of the company with the continued commitment to excellence within the industry. UER is committed to providing a quality service with the highest ethical standards to our clients and the community.

Effective June 7th, 2013 United Electronic Recycling will no longer accept drop-offs at their current location (2800 E. Plano Pkwy., Suite 400 Plano, TX 75074).

Effective June 15th, 2013 United Electronic Recycling, LLC will be relocating their Corporate Office and Warehouse to: 2025 Midway Rd., Suite E. Carrollton, TX 75006.

United Electronic Recycling (UER) became the Official Electronic Recycling company for Collin College (Collin County Community College District or CCCCD) in November 2012. UER is very happy to be able to partner with Collin College for their electronic recycling needs. Collin College has a very dedicated group of students and staff that are environmentally conscious and we look forward to working closely with them in the future.

United Electronic Recycling, LLC will partner with Frisco Family Services to recycle all end of life equipment that comes into their facility on a daily basis as well as assisting with their new monthly Electronics Recycling Event on the forth Saturday of each month from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

United Electronic Recycling—Named the Official Electronics Recycler for the Residents of The City of Plano!

The Dallas Business Journal, in it’s May 3-9, 2013 edition, listed  the Largest North Texas Recycling Companies  and ranked them by tons of material collected or processed.  UER ranked 10th with having recycled or processed 5,000 tons in 2012.  For companies that recycled electronic equipment, we ranked 2nd, tied with another company.