Customer Advocate

United Electronic Recycling is growing and expanding. We seek Customer Advocates in all cities in the U.S. to work with small and medium-sized businesses. Customer Advocates find, develop, and service new accounts. United Electronic Recycling is a unique and powerful company that is over 3 years old and growing. We have been fortunate to beat the odds of a typical start-up company that fails. We are maturing within our industry and our competition is noticing that we are gaining market share.

We need Customer Advocates to become the catalyst that helps customers understand the value in their decommissioned electronic equipment. Through ITAM we can recover the fair market value of usable electronic equipment for our customers. A similar value can be made from end of life (unusable) Commodity Value Processing where we separate all the components for part harvesting or pure commodity sale. We need Customer Advocates engage potential customers and help them understand that we are very sensitive to concerns about their data or information on decommissioned equipment. UER has a Data Security practice where we make sure all data is either wiped clean or completely destroyed.

A Customer Advocate … attracts prospects … generates leads … converts leads to sales … and retains customers. It’s Selling Without the Salesman. UER is helping to educate our potential customer on the value of decommissioned equipment and the value UER can bring to the table.As a Customer Advocate you are sure to find one or more markets that you’ve already been in, are comfortable working with, and where you can fully leverage your contacts for real money.  If you don’t have current business contacts, we’ll work with you to develop a marketing plan that is a fit for you.

Our lucrative straight commission plan lets you work at your pace, whether you want some income on the side … seek full-time work … or simply want a fulfilling and rewarding career. It’s ideal if you’re self-motivated, are a take charge individual, like the challenge of solving business problems, and enjoy talking with and helping others. Business to business account and sales experience is helpful but not required. Our consultants have a wide range of backgrounds.  They include:

· Professionals in between jobs
· Recent college graduates
· Stay-at-home moms who need job flexibility
· B2B sales pros who want to leverage their current contacts for additional income
· Underpaid and under appreciated workers who seek  a transition to a new career
· Semi-retired professionals seeking to apply their experience with an exciting service and work part-time